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Fire Department Wet Down Draws Hundreds

(excerpts from the June 30, 2017 Observer)

“Last Saturday was a day to celebrate for the members of the South Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department. Not only did the department officially introduce the new ladder truck, they were also marking the department’s 110th anniversary.

Ladder Truck 7 is a state-of-the-art truck which cost more than $1M. It will be replacing Ladder Truck 57, which is close to 20 years old.

The ceremony was held at the firehouse on Saturday with special guests and residents including, Sen. Patrick Diegnan Jr., Mayor Matt Anesh, Council President Derryck White, Councilmen Joe Wolak, Rob Bengivenga and Jon Dean and Councilwoman Christine Faustini. Fire departments from all over the state were also in attendance.”

To read the full story, pick up the June 30, 2017 issue of the Observer!

From top (L-R)  New Ladder Truck 7 emerges from firehouse; old fire truck 57 prepares to “pass” the flag to the new truck. (c) 2017 South Plainfield Observer. Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent.

Businesses Honored During Sixth Annual Taste of South Plainfield

(excerpts from the March 24, 2017 Observer)

“The SPBA honored the following longtime businesses: Cindy Michaels Jewelers (30 years+), Paul’s Sta­tion­ery (32 years),  HK Trucking (35 years),  Salerno Pizza Ristorante (35 years),  Pinto Brothers (40 years), Presto Printing (37 years), Mohn’s Flowers and Fancy Foods (40 years), Twin City Pharmacy & Surgical (40 years+), Liftec Inc. (40 years), Sportworld (40 years), McCriskin-Gustafson Home For Funerals (41 years), Carousel Hair Salon (43 years), Giakas Dry Cleaners (50 years+), Halls Warehouse Corp. (50 years+), JT Penyak Roofing Company (50 years+), Peter Pan Pharmacy (50 years+),  R & C Auto Body (50 years+), Tony’s Pizza and Restaurant (50 years+), Frank P. Licato Agency (60 years),  Eckhardt Family, South Plainfield Sheet Metal, Heating and Air Conditioning (60 years), Coppolas Garden Center (90 years), Harris Structural Steel Company (106 years+), Nischwitz & Company (120 years+). The South Plainfield Business Association was very proud to acknowledge these South Plainfield businesses, that continue to give back to our students and community through donations to many fundraising events.”

To read the full story, pick up the March 24, 2017 issue of the Observer!

From top (L-R) Nischwitz Feed & Fuel (Front Street), Peter Pan Pharmacy (Park Avenue), R&C Auto Body (Park Avenue), Twin City Pharmacy (Park Avenue), Cindy Michael’s Jewelers (Front Street), Sportworld (South Plainfield Avemue), Paul’s Stationery (old Hamilton Boulevard), McCriskin-Gustafson Home For Funerals (Plainfield Avenue), Hall’s Warehouse (Oak Tree Avenue). Bottom (right) Knights of Columbus members help serve food. (c) 2017 South Plainfield Observer. Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent.

Real Estate Investor Brings New Life to Old Homes

(excerpts from the January 13, 2017 Observer)

As a successful real estate investor, South Plainfield resident Michael Hajduk, owner of Big Daddy RE LLC, shared his knowledge with students in South Plainfield High School business education classes during a seminar held in the school auditorium. The program, which presented real estate investing as a potential career choice, was the second collaboration between Hajduk and Co-Op Education teacher Robert “Shayne” White.

“I was always interested in real estate,” Hajduk said, “but I didn’t have the knowledge to take it to the next level. That first day, I saw the benefit in what they had to offer–a whole different way of investing in real estate. I knew it was the route that I wanted to take.”

To view the real estate seminar online, go to and click on “Videos/Special Events.”

To read the full story, pick up the January 13, 2017 issue of the Observer!

Before photos courtesy of Michael Hajduk. All rights reserved. (c) 2017 South Plainfield Observer. Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent.

Chhavi Verg, Miss NJ USA

(continued from the December 9, 2016 Observer)

As a child, Chhavi took dance lessons and had the opportunity to perform on stage. After one of those performances, while a junior at JP Stevens, she was noticed by someone in the audience. “Basically, I was involved in dancing my entire life. Through my dancing school, I was asked to model in a fashion show to be held in Florida for the IIFA Awards Show. I decided to go for it and that paved the way to doing more modeling and eventually pageants.” Three years ago, when she was a senior, Chhavi was introduced to the pageant world through a newsletter that outlined scholarship opportunities that were available through the Miss Teen USA.
“Pageants are powerful. They put you in the limelight and allow you to reach a broader audience much faster than perhaps otherwise,” said Chhavi. “I am currently 19 years old and am so grateful that through my title, I’ll be able to bring attention and change to issues I am passionate about. I am a huge proponent of women’s empowerment and equality, something I strongly believe can be achieved through education. This education can be in the form of educating women on the stories of other successful women (what I aim to do through my Instagram campaign) and empowering them to go out and grab the opportunities or in the form of actually providing women with an education so that they can become financially independent and make wiser decisions in all spheres of life (family, careers, home, etc).”
Chhavi says that in preparation for the pageant, she thought often about the Five Ps she learned at Rutgers: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. After she was named the fourth runner up in the Miss Teen USA pageant last year, Chhavi was determined to do better the next time around. She joined other gyms and tried other training programs, but she says that nothing has compared to the home she has found at Retro Fitness of Edison.
To hear more from this inspiring young woman, stop by Retro Fitness of Edison on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 11 to 1 p.m. Everyone is welcome, not just gym members, and refreshments will be served. Retro Fitness of Edison is located at 3775 Park Avenue in Edison. For more information, click on the Retro Fitness on our website.

All photos courtesy of Chhavi Verg and Mitch Kurtzer. All rights reserved. (c) 2016 South Plainfield Observer. Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent.

Additional photos from the November 18, 2016 Issue

Parade pictures courtesy of Photographer Michael Allen. (c) 2016 South Plainfield Observer. All rights reserved.

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